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Spring Stepping in Fashion Fanatic SA

Spring Stepping in Fashion Fanatic SA

Spring is around the corner ladies! This means that we get to kick our dusty winter boots to the curb and step out in our freshest footwear. To get you ready, we compiled a list that will surely have you drooling. So whether you have wider feet, or need the highest heels on the planet, we’ve got you covered!

We all love shoes. Here’s what we have in stock for you.

Don’t get me wrong, sky high heels are beautiful and do all kinds of amazing things to one’s legs but they’re not too forgiving to one’s feet.  So, below are some of my fave shoes that are also available in different sizes.
These beauties come in black and white only(shown above). Available in sizes 4 to 8.
This metallic blade heel is a must! They come in a dark plum colour and a dark green. Sizes 3 to 8.
Pedicure done for the toes to get some fresh air? Yes please! Available in sizes 7 to 8.
Some ladies ascribes to the philosophy that higher is better!
If you’re a gal that likes her high heels the way I do, you will love these next sexy numbers that will definitely give you an extra wiggle when you walk, not to mention some extra pizzazz to that outfit!
This is just the perfect pump and it boasts a 4.5″ heel. Available in different colours sized 5 to 9.
This stunner is such a statement piece. If you’re a size 5 to 8, they could be yours!
What we have here ladies, is a gorgeous two toned gem! Available in sizes 3 to 18.

7.  Sexy Lace Heel


Nothing screams sexy like a lace heel. Available from size 6 to 8.

Lastly, lets address the ladies with a larger footprint.

I was sitting comfortably at a size 8 until I had my baby. While I was eager to bring on this new life, I was not aware that my feet would further expand! Going from a size 8 to 9? That’s a life changing experience! (Dramatic much?? LOL). Thankfully, the extended shoe size offerings in other South African stores continue to improve, but there is definitely more room to grow (pun totally intended).

We would like to cater for ladies who also wear size 3 and 9 shoes. if you’re one of the, please comment below with your email address.

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